Fisherkids Chore Stick Picture Tags

Fisherkids Chore Stick Picture Tags
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  • Manufacturer: fisherkids

These image tags for your child's chore sticks are fantastic for younger children, children just learning to read, or children with learning differences. Children can take full ownership of their station since they won't have to ask a parent or older sibling to read the chore stick for them! To encourage reading, though, we have also printed the chore below the image for subtle association. The images are laminated on one side for easy wipe-down (from sticky little fingers!) and are easy to adhere to the chore sticks (glue dots are included). Set of 25 includes two blanks for you to fill in chores specific to your household.  Chores included are: help cook, dishes, doorknobs, dust, feed pet, brush pet, help walk the dog, fold or put away laundry, laundry, homework, practice reading, take out recycling, take out trash, pick out clothes for tomorrow, sweep, help clean bathroom, clean cabinets, vacuum, pick up toys, help clean the kitchen, set the table, water plants, and make your bed. 


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