Fisherkids Personalized Magnetic Nameplate

Please select a font, a font color, and a personalized add-on.
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  • Item #: 063048
  • Manufacturer: fisherkids

Offer your child more ownership and accountability of their responsibility station by personalizing a magnetic nameplate for them! Choose the font, font color, and personalized add-on (there are two lists to choose from!)  Please also specify if you are using the nameplate on a station for one child or using the nameplate in conjunction with an add-on kit.  If you have multiple children on one board, we will make the nameplates smaller so it all fits easily!  **PLEASE KNOW THAT IF YOU CHOOSE THE "NAME IN LIGHTS" OPTION, FONT AND FONT COLOR ARE NOT APPLICABLE (JUST SELECT NONE ON BOTH DROP DOWN MENUS).  THE BACKGROUND WILL BE BLACK FOR THIS OPTION.  THANK YOU!**

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