Fisherkids School Correspondence Envelopes (Pack of 25)

Fisherkids School Correspondence Envelopes (Pack of 25)
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  • Manufacturer: fisherkids
"Time to go, everyone!" you scream out to your children as the clock strikes 5 minutes-til-tardy. As your kids cavort towards the front door, one of them says, "Oh, mom....I need money for the field trip today" Eek. Now we're tardy. If this scenario is remotely familiar, you've got to have these envelopes...MUST HAVES for school! Whether it's sending money or permission slips, ask anyone who has these and they are invaluable. Envelopes are color-coordinated with your school colors (note this at checkout) and are sold as a pack of 25. Envelopes are personalized with your contact information, so please include whatever means of communication you prefer (home phone, cell phone, email, etc.)
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